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Augmenting Your Workforce: The Trending Approach to Building Next-Generation Products In 2023

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Augmenting Your Workforce The Trending Approach to Building Next-Generation Products In 2023 | 9NEXUS
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In order to build next-generation products, businesses need the right people and resources in place. Resource and staff augmentation is trending as the best way to build next-generation products in 2023. Enterprises are looking for better ways to create innovative products and meet customer demands, and this approach offers many benefits. This approach is trending right now, as more and more businesses are looking to outsource their product development needs. By augmenting your workforce with the help of a staffing agency, you can get access to top talent that can help you create innovative products that will stand out from the competition.

Hiring specialists may incur significant costs for startups, which may be detrimental to their business’s earnings and sales. Another drawback is that this strategy typically fails when your project requires an immediate team member. Utilising the resource and staff augmentation hiring model is one wise decision startups can make in such situations. Here is a guide that defines staff augmentation, explains its advantages, and explains how businesses can create top-notch products rapidly in 2023.

Improvement of IT capabilities through Resource and Staff Augmentation

Today, we live in a digital world that is constantly improving and evolving in terms of technology. Given this, companies in the 21st century must meet all the high-tech demands of their clientele if they want to stay ahead of their rivals. This competitive race strives for technological innovation where online presence plays a greater part. Organisations eventually fight to provide significant mobile and web resources, applications, and user experiences, prioritising customer pleasure. The situation with startups is worse. As a result, the trend of satisfying customers’ online needs will continue as technology becomes even more complex and advanced.

This introduces the concept of staff augmentation. What does it actually mean? Given the buzz around staff augmentation as the future of flexible and economical staff recruitment, this subject concerns many managers and business owners. But is that the case? Let’s discuss!

Resource and staff augmentation is an effective strategy to improve IT capabilities. It helps businesses create and maintain the necessary infrastructure for their product development operations. Businesses can access a wide range of talent – from developers, engineers, and project managers – through staffing agencies. This way, they don’t have to spend time or resources on recruiting and onboarding, as the staffing agency does all of this for them. Resource and staff augmentation also allows businesses to access a range of specialist skills for specific projects, so they don’t have to manage in-house resources for each project.

Simply put, let’s say you are a startup and you want to create a mobile application for your online store. To do this, you will need at least 6 engineers. The issue emerges when you realise your in-house team consists of only three developers. In such a situation, you can consider urgent hiring to find 3 more qualified programmers with the required experience. Overall, this approach could add another 1-2 months to your project’s launch date while also costing you a significant portion of the anticipated revenue.

In such a situation, choosing staff augmentation enables you to add 3 great developers to your team within 1-3 weeks. Along with a timely market launch, this also facilitates the completion of a better and faster product.

What’s best? You are under no obligation to fire the programmers who worked on the application once it is released on the market. By doing this, companies can avoid the added expense of hiring as well as the logistical, legal, and documentation hassles associated with full-time, official employment.

The Hiring Trend Of Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation is growing increasingly popular in recent years. The IT organisations made the most of the resource and staff augmentation methodology during the devastating COVID outbreak.

In fact, according to the Businesswire analysis, the global software industry revenue is anticipated to reach $968.25 billion by the end of 2023. According to the Statista figure below, revenue is expected to expand dramatically over the next few years. Given the rate, it would have been impossible to complete without the assistance of numerous software experts and specialists. This suggests that more than 28.7 million people will make up the developer population worldwide. One strategy that aids in dispersing a certain workforce among enterprises is staff augmentation.

Trend-Of-Staff-Augmentation | 9NEXUS

Global Software Market Revenue (Source: Statista)

Staff Augmentation has become the favoured recruitment practice for organisations who have to develop and launch products faster. The strategy of augmenting staff with a certain number of experts assists in executing projects faster, offering higher quality services at lower costs. Companies are able to benefit from this practice as it helps them establish an effective workforce that can respond quickly to market demands without having to bear the burden of full-time employment costs.

5 Reasons Why Startups Need Resource And Staff Augmentation

After reading all of this, you might be wondering why augmented staff is such an appealing and popular choice for enterprises of all kinds. Resource and Staff Augmentation involves hiring a firm with a unique skill set to complete a project. When startups choose staff augmentation, they gain a lot of advantages. Well, below we have listed a few considerations that make resource and staff augmentation a hiking trend for companies.

Top Five Scenarios when you should avail staff augmentation service | 9Nexus
  1. When you decide to scale up the tech team: Scaling up the tech team can be a time consuming and expensive process. But, when you go for staff augmentation, you will easily get skilled developers who can join your project in no time.
  2. When you need to adopt new technologies quickly: Staff Augmentation is the best option for startups who need to adopt new technologies quickly. You will get skilled professionals with experience in a specific technology and put them on the project immediately, without having to train your existing team.
  3. When you need to reduce hiring cost: Hiring a full-time employee can be expensive. With the staff augmentation, you will not only get skillful professionals but also save cost.
  4. When you want to be more innovative: Staff augmentation allows you to hire professionals with unique skills which can help make your project more innovative.
  5. When you need a more diverse team: By hiring staff augmentation professionals, you can get access to a more diverse team that can help you come up with out of the box ideas.

To have a clear understanding of the topic, check out our blog on 5 Scenarios When Staff Augmentation is the Right Move for Your Business. It helps  you understand the advantages of Staff Augmentation and how it can help you successfully complete your projects.


Resource and Staff Augmentation can be a great way to enhance the capabilities of your business by hiring skilled professionals on an as-needed basis. It helps you scale up the tech team quickly, adopt new technologies, reduce hiring costs, and bring more innovation into your projects. If you are looking for ways to streamline your business operations without hassles, then resource and staff augmentation is the perfect solution. With this strategy, you can get access to a more diverse team that can help you come up with out of the box ideas. So if you are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of your business operations, consider opting for staff augmentation services.

The harsh reality of the internet competitive industry is that to achieve ultimate success, you must have a strong and knowledgeable development team. The more talented staff organisations have, the better revenue they generate. Additionally, new programming languages and technologies are constantly being introduced to the market. Therefore, businesses and startups who are adaptable enough to gather knowledge and adopt the most recent trends through wise recruiting practices are destined for success. As you wish to join the league of such an elite group of successful organisations, 9NEXUS is the best recommended development partner that adheres to Agile principles and can meet your needs for IT staff augmentation services. Your Augmented Team collaborates with your team and works under your management.

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