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Staff Augmentation

Hire Dedicated Niche Engineers

9NEXUS  handpicks world-class developers and augment them into your existing engineering team. Whether you’re looking for web developers fluent in Java and .NET or cloud engineers adept in AWS and GCP — we’re here to help.

Outstaffing Solutions | 9NEXUS
Outstaffing Solutions | 9NEXUS
Outstaffing Solutions | 9NEXUS

How You Will Benefit From Our Services

Businesses of all sizes choose to expand their in-house development teams by hiring additional resources from our expansive talent pool. This is why we are a top choice for clients all over the world.

Outstaffing Solutions | 9NEXUS

The Best of Both Worlds

Headquartered in the UK with a development centre in India, we offer diverse offshore staff augmentation services. We recruit tech talent from top software development hubs. As our client, you will benefit from our powerful local presence in the UK as well as our multicultural offshore resources.

IT Staff Augmentation | 9NEXUS

Scalable and Cost-Efficient Model

We understand that businesses’ needs can vary depending on the scope of ongoing and upcoming projects or tasks. Our IT staff augmentation service offers unique flexibility that allows you to scale your team up or down in line with your changing requirements and/or budgetary constraints.

IT Staff Augmentation | 9NEXUS

Your Team – Your Rules

Our candidates will prove their proficiency by adapting to your company culture and management style, seamlessly integrating with your in-house team, and adhering to house rules. You will have total control over all team members.

IT Staff Augmentation | 9NEXUS

Expanded Talent Pool

Are you struggling with finding the right talent within your area of operation? 9NEXUS firmly believes in breaking down geographical barriers for our clients. No matter where you are in the world, we will empower you to work with the best, highly talented resources from multiple global locations.

IT Staff Augmentation | 9NEXUS

Save Recruitment Costs

Hiring part- or full-time employees to be a part of your company can incur various costs. With our hassle-free resource augmentation services, you will save recruitment costs, infrastructural expenditure, and other overheads. All HR and payroll activities will also no longer be your concern.

IT Staff Augmentation | 9NEXUS

Timely Completion of Projects

With access to a better, more efficient workforce, your in-house team will be able to function much more smoothly at faster paces. Keeping your tentative project scope and timelines in mind, an expanded team will significantly quicken project delivery and lower your time to market.


Seamless and secure team extension

Outstaffing Solutions | 9NEXUS

Fill the skills gap you have in your existing team at lightning speed

Outstaffing Solutions | 9NEXUS

Control over the workflow and direct communication within the team

Outstaffing Solutions | 9NEXUS

We manage your administration, logistics, payroll, and HR

Outstaffing Solutions | 9NEXUS

9NEXUS tailors your security measures based on your operational requirements

Awards & Recognition

Outstaffing Solutions | 9NEXUS

Top IT Services Company, UK (2022) - Clutch

Outstaffing Solutions | 9NEXUS

Top IT Services Company, UK (2022) - GoodFirms

Outstaffing Solutions | 9NEXUS

Top IT Services Company, UK (2022) - Techreviewer

Outstaffing Solutions | 9NEXUS

Top Software Developers, UK (2022) – TopDevelopers

Our IT Staff Augmentation Process

We induct candidates into our talent pool after an exhaustive recruitment process. Starting with a preliminary test, we conduct two or more interviews for each applicant to ensure that they are the right fit for our company. They are tested on their technical skills as well as the soft skills necessary for social and cultural integration. When you partner with 9NEXUS, these vetted candidates will be ready to join your team. Our collaboration is based on a simple four-step process.

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Identifying your requirements is the first step in creating the perfect software development team. You can determine the specifics of your requirements with support from our industry experts.
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Team Selection

We will provide the resources that are best matched to your needs. Whether it is a business analyst role or a software architect position, you can rely on us to provide resources that fit perfectly in your team.
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Team On-Boarding

Working together, we can make sure that the new members are quickly onboarded and acquainted with the new work environment. We will also help setup initial knowledge transfer sessions with your in-house team.  
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Team Management

You will be in control of the extended team. You can directly oversee their performance and workload, and can discuss technical challenges and areas of improvement with a dedicated account manager.
Outstaffing Solutions | 9NEXUS
Outstaffing Solutions | 9NEXUS
Outstaffing Solutions | 9NEXUS

Learn More About Our Service

Discuss Your Team Augmentation Strategy with Our Top Expert

Available Roles

Outstaffing Solutions | 9NEXUS
Outstaffing Solutions | 9NEXUS

We offer all possible roles there are in a software development life cycle. All the resources are highly skilled, having different experience levels (based on your needs), and are proficient in communicating in English.

Outstaffing Solutions | 9NEXUS

Project Managers

All operations and communications related to your project will be overseen by a qualified project manager.

Outstaffing Solutions | 9NEXUS

Software Engineers

Hire dedicated engineers to support your in-house engineering team. These highly skilled programmers will turn your vision into working code.

Outstaffing Solutions | 9NEXUS

Mobile App Developers

In case you want to build a mobile app, we have professional developers who excel in the field.

Outstaffing Solutions | 9NEXUS

Software Architects

These are the people who will help you make technical choices that are in line with your business needs.

Outstaffing Solutions | 9NEXUS

Database Developers

If your project idea involves large amounts of data, a database developer will be responsible for taking appropriate measures to handle it.

Outstaffing Solutions | 9NEXUS

UI/UX Engineers

Our UI and UX design experts ensure that every app they build is aesthetic yet user-friendly and fully functional.

Outstaffing Solutions | 9NEXUS

QA Engineers

A QA engineer saves you a lot of time and money by making sure your software is bug-free and stable pre-release.

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Fluent in any language

We search India's vast talent pool for developers who are knowledgeable in the technologies you need and are proficient in the languages you want. We'll locate the polyglots you need, from Kotlin and Go to Swift and Python.

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Specialists in any sector

We can identify engineers with experience in your particular industry, with results ranging from finance to travel. Our recruitment strategy guarantees you acquire the proper talents and industry cultural fit as we build your remote engineering team to your specifications.

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Our Clients

9NEXUS serves a global clientele consisting of entrepreneurs, startups, small and medium businesses, and large enterprises.
Here are some of our esteemed clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

IT outstaffing with 9NEXUS provides benefits such as access to a highly skilled talent pool, cost savings compared to in-house teams, flexibility in team size, faster project scalability, and reduced administrative burden. It enables you to focus on core business activities while we handle the staffing logistics.

Staff augmentation is a dynamic outsourcing model, allowing businesses to flexibly expand their teams with external professionals. At 9NEXUS, we excel in providing skilled IT experts tailored to your project needs, offering a strategic approach to resource scalability. With a focus on efficiency, our staff augmentation services ensure that you can seamlessly integrate external talent while maintaining control over your project’s direction.

A staff augmentation partner, such as 9NEXUS, serves as your strategic ally in seamlessly integrating skilled IT professionals into your existing team. Our role involves aligning expertise with project demands, ensuring a harmonious blend of capabilities for project success. By facilitating this integration, we aim to enhance your team’s overall performance and efficiency.

Choosing staff augmentation with 9NEXUS offers a myriad of benefits, including access to a diverse talent pool, cost effective scalability, reduced time to hire, and the flexibility to adjust team sizes. Our model empowers businesses to efficiently address resource needs and meet project goals. Partnering with 9NEXUS ensures that you not only meet your immediate project requirements but also position yourself for long term success.

Staff augmentation involves hiring external professionals to work alongside your existing team, providing flexibility and control over tasks. On the other hand, outsourcing entails delegating entire projects or processes to external companies, often involving the transfer of project management responsibilities.

The responsibilities of a staff augmentation partner, like 9NEXUS, encompass sourcing and delivering qualified professionals, ensuring smooth integration into your team, managing administrative tasks, and providing ongoing support to maximize the effectiveness of the augmented staff. Our commitment goes beyond just providing talent; we aim to create an environment where your augmented staff seamlessly becomes an integral part of your team.

IT outstaffing involves hiring remote professionals through a third-party provider like 9NEXUS. We offer our consultants to help you build a dedicated team of skilled IT experts who work exclusively on your projects, providing flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency. You manage the team while we handle administrative aspects.

The IT staff augmentation model contributes to business growth by providing access to specialized skills, accelerating project timelines, and offering flexibility to adapt to changing project needs. It enables businesses to stay competitive, efficiently address resource gaps, and meet evolving market demands.

Staff augmentation is an ideal choice when your business needs specific skills for a project without the long-term commitment of hiring full-time employees. It is suitable for addressing temporary resource gaps, scaling projects, and maintaining flexibility in response to changing business demands.

Augmenting your tech teams with 9NEXUS ensures access to a highly skilled pool of IT professionals. We prioritize seamless integration, provide cost effective solutions, and offer a flexible approach tailored to your project requirements, ensuring the success of your tech initiatives. With 9NEXUS, you not only gain access to talent but also benefit from a strategic partnership that aligns with your business goals and objectives.

Staff augmentation works by collaborating with external service providers. You define your project requirements, and the provider sources and delivers qualified professionals who seamlessly integrate into your team. This allows you to retain control over project management while leveraging external expertise to meet your goals efficiently.

Challenges in IT Staffing Augmentation, such as communication barriers and cultural differences, are addressed by 9NEXUS through thorough onboarding, transparent communication channels, and ongoing support. We ensure a collaborative and successful partnership, mitigating potential challenges for a seamless experience. Our proactive approach to addressing challenges ensures that you not only receive the best talent but also a supportive partner throughout the augmentation process.