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How to Hire a Remote Machine Learning Engineer for Artificial Intelligence Development?

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How to Hire a Remote Machine Learning Engineer for Artificial Intelligence Development | 9NEXUS
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With the incredible growth of model development for many businesses in the modern age, machine learning engineers are in high demand in the AI industry. Therefore, hiring a remote machine learning engineer seems to be a growing trend in the areas of machine learning, as many companies work on unique or dedicated projects for specific needs for a limited time.

Due to the flexible work responsibilities, these professionals prefer to work remotely to ensure their productivity. Furthermore, 34% of those who attended the Global Leadership Forum in London predicted that in 2020, more than half of their full-time employees would be working remotely.

Tech firms also favour hiring remote ML engineers and developers, particularly AI specialists, who want to work from home or in a more flexible environment. This increase suggests that smart and innovative businesses may be contemplating this labour pool in addition to hiring employees on-site.

For other professions like data scientists, training data experts, and AI model developers, working with such highly talented individuals is both exciting and demanding. As working remotely differs significantly from working onsite, AI organisations should be aware of a few things before hiring a remote machine learning engineer to ensure they choose the right candidate.

Identifying the Problem Statement and Data

Before a company decides to look for a machine learning expert to create an AI model that works optimally, they first must thoroughly assess the data they have, as well as how much machine learning training data is needed. Data should be organised and accessible by the person coming on board so they can quickly identify patterns in the information; if this isn’t done beforehand, then it may take longer for the new employee to get up-to-speed and create actionable models. While it may be time consuming to audit your existing data structure, and acquire additional information if needed, it would be worth it in the end since having an employee with the best data available will result in faster progress and greater success with the AI project.

For small and medium businesses, data is incredibly valuable in order to remain competitive and drive innovation. Without needing to spend extra on expensive subscriptions, they can rely on hiring a talented engineer to help develop datasets that answer their business questions. Having an informed individual in charge who understands the type of data you need for your business can be hugely beneficial. This not only eliminates the guesswork often associated with data collection but also brings understanding from both an engineering and non-technical perspective. Ultimately, hiring someone who has significant experience in the field of machine learning and data science should elevate the chances of competing effectively in any industry.

Attracting The Right Talent to Move in the Right Direction

Appointing the candidate with the right talent is essential if businesses want to ensure a stellar outcome for their AI model. Remote work life can also be an advantage for companies, and a survey of software developers and machine learning engineers conducted by Atlas revealed that remote work was the second highest preferred job benefit (53%), after vacation or days off (57%). Understanding the importance of remote work may benefit AI models significantly, so just as businesses strive to find employees who match both their skillset and organizational culture, they should also look into adopting practices that enterprising personnel prefer.

Building a Bridge for Hiring the Right Remote Candidate

As a company begins to hire for AI or machine learning efforts, its goal should be first to find someone who is a strong, articulate communicator who understands both the technology and business requirements. Such people have the abilities of an AI engineer, but would also be able to lead or build a technical team and can communicate with non-technical people. They need to educate people, and they need to communicate what they can do and are not able to do.

While finding the bridge person, the engineering and business stakeholders who created the job listing should be involved in the interview and selection process. An already-hired AI engineer or a software engineer with strong mathematical or statistical knowledge will know what technical questions to ask, whereas a business-oriented person will be able to speak with the candidate about the company’s goals and vision.

However, this process can be long and exhausting; a sensible approach would be to enlist the help of a third-party staff augmentation company for hiring an AI Engineer which will provide experienced personnel who are knowledgeable of such positions. By doing this, companies may rest assured that their bridge person will meet all of their criteria and expectations.

Connect and Communicate Onboard Wirelessly

Bringing in remote machine learning engineers or highly skilled professionals can present a unique challenge to business owners and managers. Proper encouragement needs to be provided during the onboarding process and afterwards, as these professionals may not have the same face-to-face contact with their team or supervisors as normal employees do.

Special care should be taken to explain expectations and objectives, introduce key personnel in their field, and create an atmosphere of collaboration where everyone is on the same page regarding the company’s vision. By providing a friendly and encouraging environment, managers can increase productivity among the team of remote professionals while ensuring that all expectations are met.

Such employees should not just be “dropped” into a project. An employer should make sure that they have access to the data and contacts that they will require. When they match a remote machine learning expert with a company, they make sure they contact the client’s company hiring them and have full access to the data the remote worker may need. They also make sure that the contacts at the client’s company are available to onboard meetings and discussions between them properly.

9NEXUS is revolutionising the process of AI hiring by providing a specialised service for companies looking for remote machine learning engineers to fulfil their individualised requirements. At 9NEXUS, we are proud to offer an amazing pool of carefully-vetted remote engineers that work with UK hours, making collaboration effortless. We provide our clients the ability to scale up or reduce its workforce as they see fit; in no time at all, we can set up teams ready to take on the job. When working with us, rest assured of great value; transparency is key and we guarantee secure transfer of IP rights. 9NEXUS is a reliable outsourcing partner when it comes to finding quality engineers for the long run. Contact us today and see how AI hiring with 9NEXUS can power the future of your organization. 


AI is a complex field and companies need to find the right talents in the AI space- AI engineers, machine learning experts or python machine learning engineers. AI personnel should be provided with a friendly and encouraging atmosphere, proper training and access to data they require. To simplify this process, businesses should enlist the help of staff augmentation service providers who specialise in remote AI hiring. 9NEXUS is a company specialised in AI hiring and provides experienced AI personnel to businesses all over the world. Such services are beneficial to AI firms looking for the right personnel to fulfil their individualised requirements. With such services, AI businesses can expect to find experienced AI professionals with little effort and time spent in the process.

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