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Commonly Outsourced Tech Roles by Large Enterprises In UK

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Commonly Outsourced Tech Roles by Large Enterprises In UK | 9NEXUS
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In a recent study, it was found that the most commonly outsourced tech roles by large enterprises in the UK are software development, network administration, and full stack developer. This is not surprising, as these roles can be difficult to fill and require a lot of in depth knowledge. Outsourcing these roles can be a great way to get access to top talent and save money on labour costs.

Outsourcing some of these tech roles means your company has access to a talented pool of applicants with the specialisation you are looking for. Companies are finding outsourcing to be a strategic advantage, one that allows for specialised hiring and flexibility.

With thousands of qualified developers across the world, however, how does a company zero down on one? It’s not always easy to find the right person in the same vicinity. Having a way to vet applicants before they enter your workforce and understand their strengths, skills, and experience can be greatly beneficial. In a recent post, we looked at tech roles frequently outsourced by start up companies, and we thought we’d look at similar data to see how bigger companies are filling their tech demands through outsourcing.

Commonly Outsourced Tech Roles In UK

These are the commonly outsourced jobs for larger enterprises and the order in which they tend to be filled.

Full-Stack Developers: Full-Stack Developers can be an invaluable asset to any enterprise. By outsourcing a Developer, you will get someone who is able to work between the back-end and front-end of a website or application. These skilled professionals are well-versed in various web design languages as well as database tools, making them a perfect fit for businesses that need to create custom solutions quickly and efficiently. In addition, these experts have great problem solving skills and are able to adapt quickly to changing technologies — making them the ideal professionals for companies looking for solutions beyond existing frameworks or platforms. With their ability to work across multiple areas, full-stack developers are an essential asset when it comes to enterprise operations.

Network Admins: Network admins are essential to helping ensure the efficient and effective running of any business. For businesses with large, complex operations involving several computers, software, and networks, a network admin can be invaluable in supervising the system, providing maintenance and support, and resolving issues that come up. Such a role is best outsourced because it requires special expertise when dealing with large-scale networks. A good network admin will have extensive knowledge and experience of networking, computer hardware and software, security solutions, etc., in order to confidently monitor your systems. They’ll also help you stay updated with the latest advances in technology so you can take advantage of new possibilities for manipulation data without sacrificing performance or efficiency.

Quality Tester: No matter what business your in, quality always comes first. Quality assurance (QA) testers are an invaluable asset to any business that deals with software. They ensure that existing programs and infrastructure are running properly, which is the cornerstone of any successful business. If a system isn’t running correctly or at optimal efficiency, it can cost valuable time and money. QA testers carefully analyse systems for stability, performance, usability, and compatibility in order to troubleshoot issues before they become costly problems. They also conduct manual tests and updates according to every software’s needs. Having a reliable QA tester ensures better user experience and satisfaction while maintaining a high degree of quality control over all software related operations. Without a QA tester onboard, businesses risk not only their reputation but also the security of their data.

DevOps: If you’re looking to expand your IT department and make the most of cloud capabilities, then you should consider hiring a DevOps engineer. This employee will bridge the gaps between cloud technologies, development tools, and other traditional IT disciplines. A great DevOps engineer is well-versed in different programming languages, computing infrastructures, software architecture patterns and best practices. Such an individual can help optimise application delivery processes and deploy large-scale applications to various platforms with minimal disruption to systems that are already up and running. In short, they can increase your organisation’s capabilities while minimising resource investment by combining elements of multiple fields into one job role.

Consider Outsourcing From A Trusted Hiring Partner

Growing forward-thinking companies are discovering the advantages of working with a trusted and specialised hiring partner for their tech roles. 9NEXUS is a company that focuses on uncovering tech talent to fulfil the diversify tech requirements in enterprise organisations. This allows enterprises to source the highly-trained technology experts they need to further their success. 9NEXUS sources and screens potential applicants who can effectively perform these complex roles that come with leading-edge technology companies. In this way, 9NEXUS ensures that organisations have access to certified talent, giving them the competitive edge they need in today’s digital world.


As technology becomes more and more integrated into our daily lives, the need for qualified professionals to manage it has grown exponentially. Having a team of tech experts on staff is essential for any organisation to remain competitive and successful. Network admins, quality assurance testers and DevOps engineers are just some of the positions that can help businesses stay ahead in today’s digital world. To find the right people for these specialised positions, consider working with a trusted hiring partner like 9NEXUS to source and screen potential applicants. With our help, you’ll be able to ensure your organisation has access to the best tech talent available and remain successful in an ever-evolving digital environment.

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