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5 Industries That Use Data Science Services the Most?

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5 Industries That Use Data Science Services the Most | 9NEXUS
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Data-driven firms have an advantage in today’s fast-paced, continuously shifting global marketplace. Effective data collection, analysis, and processing enables businesses to forecast customer behaviour patterns, spot new trends, and improve business decisions.

Data science outsourcing has become an essential service for enterprises hoping to improve their business performance. In 2021, the global data science platform market was rated at £77.28 billion. But the growth doesn’t just stop there. Many businesses realize the advantages they can extract from employing data science. So, the industry will still develop in the next four years, reaching a staggering value of £261.84 billion. 

Those figures show how in-demand data science services are in the modern business world. This article will discuss how data science helps businesses gain a competitive advantage and which industries benefit the most from this service.

Top 5 Industries That Benefit Most From Data Science Outsourcing

As technological advances continue to shape the modern economy, certain businesses must rely on intelligent software and machines to manage complex operations. However, managing these advances requires a fresh set of skills, leading to a significant demand for experienced data scientists. Data scientists possess the expertise needed to comprehend technology’s role in business strategy, allowing them to leverage their knowledge in data science and machine learning for their organization’s benefit. Even though technology is drastically changing the way firms conduct business, having human resources with knowledge on how best to use those advancements is essential for long-term success.

Here are more studies supporting the upsurge in the global data science market:

  • It is estimated to reach £93.26 billion in 2023 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 29%.
  • 76% of companies want to increase their spending on data science projects over the next two years—as surveyed by Deloitte Access Economics.
  1. Healthcare

In the past, the healthcare industry’s attitude towards adopting new technologies was notoriously outdated. Many healthcare systems were built decades ago and had yet to be overhauled, making it difficult to keep up with modern advances. Fortunately, the wide-spread application of data science across various industries ultimately pushed healthcare to join the digital revolution as well.

With hospitals now utilizing new tech solutions to store patient data, automate workflow processes, and offer more advanced analytics-based decision-making tools, this much needed modernization is beginning to spread throughout the sector. As a result, medical staff can save time on administrative tasks and focus more energy on providing improved outcomes for patients.

In a field where a single mistake could mean the difference between life and death, data science has become critical for helping reduce human error during treatments, medical procedures, and surgeries. By using data science-based technologies, healthcare providers can gain real-time patient insights, reduce costs, and optimize the overall delivery of care.

2.Banking, Insurance, and Finance

With the continual shift toward digital solutions, more and more people prefer the convenience of digital banking over traditional methods. As a result, the banking industry is now more data-driven than ever before. Banks and other financial institutions collect user and transaction data on a massive scale to meet customer needs and combat fraud.

Data science helps these organizations make sense of the vast amounts of data they collect, allowing them to proactively identify patterns and improve decision-making processes. In addition, by leveraging data science capabilities such as machine learning, banks can generate predictive models to accurately forecast customer behavior and make more informed decisions when it comes to pricing, marketing campaigns, and product development.

By outsourcing data science services, banks can access customer data and extract meaningful insights, allowing them to expand and customize their offered financial assistance.

Insurance companies use data science to optimize their pricing models and identify fraudulent activities. By combining the power of AI-driven analytics with customer data, insurers are able to accurately determine risk levels and pricing for policies, as well as build more effective fraud detection systems.


Retailers have always used data to help inform their decisions, but the emergence of data science and AI has revolutionized the industry. Now, retailers are able to use data in more comprehensive and efficient ways, giving them insights they never had before.

Data science can help drive product recommendations, personalize customer experiences, and optimize inventory management. By leveraging AI-driven analytics, retailers can gain valuable insights into customer behavior and buying patterns to better serve their customers and increase sales.

Data science can also help improve the accuracy of demand forecasting, allowing retailers to anticipate customer needs and fulfill orders in a timely manner. This helps reduce stock-outs and keeps customer satisfaction levels high. Data science is also helping retailers identify new opportunities for growth and better assess competitive marketplaces.

By leveraging the power of data science, retailers can remain competitive and drive more revenue.

4.Customer Service

From AI chatbots to cashier-less online stores, digital solutions are now at the forefront of every customer interaction. Every aspect of the customer journey can directly be measured and analyzed. Businesses can streamline processes and provide personalized services and recommendations with these data measurements and analyses. 

The height of COVID-19 placed the spotlight on how crucial data science is for the customer service sector. However, the challenge can be seen by some as an opportunity; companies have swiftly seized on it as a chance to invest in improved customer service through data science. Data scientists are now viewed as invaluable resources when it comes to optimizing customer experience, with Forbes predicting an unprecedented focus on finding new methods and strategies to make sense of customer data into the future. With increased digitization unlocking deeper levels of insight, customers will benefit from a better and more personalized service than ever before.

Data science can help businesses identify customer needs and preferences, enabling them to offer targeted services. By analyzing customer data, companies are able to develop more effective customer service strategies and make better decisions. Furthermore, data science can help reduce human error by automating mundane customer service tasks. This frees up time and resources, which can be used to provide more personalized customer service experiences.

5.Supply Chain Management

The last two years have brought unexpected events, from the coronavirus pandemic to the Ukraine-Russia war, that disrupted the global supply chain. Various industries, including important sectors like food, retail, and healthcare, experienced significant logistic problems and delivery delays. Companies are now recognizing that a resilient supply chain is essential to survive such events in the future.

During the pandemic, 70% of supply chain management companies said they accelerated their digital road maps. Meanwhile, a more recent survey found that 43% plan to digitize their systems further and incorporate innovative technologies into their operations.

Data science and AI can play a crucial role in the development of resilient supply chains. By leveraging data-driven insights, companies can gain visibility into their supply chains, improve forecasting and demand planning, and optimize inventory management. Data science can also help companies better identify potential risks in their supply chain, allowing them to prepare for any disruptions in advance.

Data science has the potential to revolutionize how companies manage their supply chains and stay ahead of disruption. Companies should embrace the power of data science to drive efficiencies and create reliable, resilient supply chains that can combat any unforeseen events.

How Data Science Services Help Companies Build Their Competitive Advantage

Improves Decision-Making: By utilizing data science to analyze customer trends and market conditions, companies can make better, more informed decisions. Data scientists can help identify customer needs and preferences, providing businesses with actionable insights that can help them stay ahead of the competition.

Increases Efficiency: Data science enables companies to streamline their processes, leading to improved efficiency and cost savings. By automating mundane tasks, companies can free up valuable time and resources that can be devoted to more strategic activities.

Optimizes Operations: Data science helps companies to optimize their operations, enabling them to identify potential areas of improvement and create better customer experiences. By leveraging data-driven insights into customer behavior and preferences, businesses can develop effective strategies to maximize their competitive edge.

Increases Cost Effectiveness: Data science improves operational efficiency, leading to reduced costs and increased profitability. Companies can use data-driven insights to find areas of improvement in their operations that will lead to cost savings.

Improves Customer Service: Companies can use data science to gain valuable insights into customer behavior, enabling them to provide more personalized customer experiences. By understanding customer needs and preferences, businesses can create marketing strategies that will help them better engage with their customers.

Partner With a Reliable Data Science Outsourcing Provider

Data science is rapidly becoming an essential part of any successful business strategy. Companies need to partner with a reliable data science outsourcing provider that can provide them with the expertise and resources they need to leverage data science effectively. At 9NEXUS, we have a team of experienced data scientists that can help you achieve your business objectives.

At 9NEXUS, we are proud to offer an amazing pool of carefully-vetted remote engineers that work with UK hours, making collaboration effortless. We provide our clients the ability to scale up or reduce its workforce as they see fit; in no time at all, we can set up teams ready to take on the job. When working with us, rest assured of great value; transparency is key and we guarantee secure transfer of IP rights. 9NEXUS is a reliable outsourcing partner when it comes to finding quality engineers for the long run. Contact us today and see how data science hiring with 9NEXUS can power the future of your organization. 


Data science is transforming the way companies manage their supply chains and remain competitive in today’s market. By leveraging data-driven insights to make decisions, optimize operations, and improve customer service, companies can create reliable, resilient supply chains that can easily adapt to any unforeseen events. Predictive analytics can help identify patterns and use them to anticipate the demands of customers or fend off disruptions caused by external factors that could create bottlenecks in the supply chain. If you’re looking to get the most out of your data science projects, partner with a reliable outsourcing provider like 9NEXUS who can provide you with the expertise and resources you need to succeed.

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